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Natalie's Adventures In Reality Land

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My name is Natalie, I'm a conflicted artist, right now I'm going to school for an Associates of Sciences. Someday I hope to have my PhD in Psychiatry. I enjoy a lot of hobbies, but some of my favorites are baking, cooking, painting, and internetting. Changing my perspective on things frequently helps me get through life without getting sick of it; My life is an experiment, and a journey. I am spontaneous, but not impulsive. My goal is to learn as much as I can. I enjoy a lot of music primarily, Electronica, IDM, and underground Hip Hop. I also like my nostalgic Goth Rock, and my J-Rock. When I listen to music I usually listen to the music, not the lyrics. If I could go back and change anything I would choose not to sit around regretting any of my decisions in life. I love life, I never take it for granted and I'm always doing my best to get everything I can out of my experiences. My live journal is a reflection of my interpretations of the world based on my values and my thoughts. If you don't feel comfortable with opinions/values that could differ from yours please click the back arrow on your browser.

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"earth water fire and air
met together in a garden fair
put in a basket bound with skin
if you answer this riddle
you'll never begin "

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"Do unto others as they would do unto you-- just do it first."
-- Peter Carroll

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2046, air, alice in wonderland, animal rights, anti bush, art, astrology, baking, barbelith, belly dancing, boards of canada, bonobo, books, born into brothels, chaos magic, complaining, computers, cooking, crafts, dancing, dark days, democrats, different cultures, divination, dreams, electronica, enochian, eric francis, eufonius, fashion, fimo, finding neverland, friends, fruits, fruits basket, fruits fashion, frying, fushigi yugi, gadgets, gay marriage, gay rights, genesis p orridge, goa, graffiti, gummo, hana kimi, harajuku fashion, hello kitty, history, idm, independant films, internet, inventing things, j-rock, john waters, jonathan cainer, juarim, kandi, kandy, kendo, ladytron, leafblower, legomymalfoy is a cunt, liberalism, like water for chocolate, lolita, malice mizer, mars, martial arts, meditation, memento, movies, music, music genome project, naruto, neverland, ninjitsu, nintendo ds, occult, painting, pandora, pandora.com, parkour, peter carroll, peter pan, photography, piracy, plaid, plur, pluto, pop culture, prefuse 73, psybermagick, psychology, raleigh theodore sakers, raving, reading, reiki, religion, rip slyme, rorig tarot, sailor moon, sewing, shiina ringo, snow crash, star ocean, sun, supergreg, supreme beings of leisure, sylvia plath, synth pop, tae kwan do, tantra, tarot, telefon tel aviv, terrence mckenna, the golden dawn, the incredible string band, theatre, thievery corporation, train spotting, traveling, u-ziq, video games, wassup rockers, yoga, zion i, パンツぱんくろう