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A quarter of an hour ago, I was … Really thirsty so I got up to pour some juice and then internet while I drank it.

An hour ago, I was … I'm ashamed to say I was taking a nap. I haven't had too much better to do.

Six hours ago, I was … Eating breakfast with my pal Alyssa and talking about life.

Twelve hours ago, I was … Dreaming next to Alyssa.

One day ago, I was … Rapping and singing over Matts beats.

One week ago, I was … Hanging out with people who had missed me while I was in Humboldt all weekend.

One month ago, I was dancing my stolen purse woes away at the Full Moon party in Santa Cruz bonding with homies and also reached a new skill/flow level of hooping.

Six months ago, I was going to school and struggling with a deep depression surrounding my Mom and living situation.

One year ago, Having the best summer of my life thus far and finally learning how to share myself with my peers. I was almost 20!

Two years ago, I was … Preparing to see my mom for the first time since she left me as a young teenager and getting ready to move into a big new house!

Three years ago, I was … Getting excited for college and playing housewife.

Four years ago, I was … Hopelessly in love with a chronic cheater and lonely as fuck on the East Coast.

Five years ago, I was … Trying to make the best of life on the East Coast. I had just visited my family for the first time since moving there.

Seven years ago, I was … living with my Mom and her violent/abusive husband. I thought I might not live to finish highschool... then I met Anthony.

Ten years ago, I was … Moving in with my Mom and her Husband for the first time in a dinky town the size of a gas station where they would beat me up and pick on me for being different for the next couple of years.

Fifteen years ago, I was … So happy and completely oblivious to all the fucked uppedness around me. This is the most positive part of my childhood I can remember.

Twenty years ago, I was …. Just a few weeks old living in the Mountains with my Mother and Father. It was the simple life :D

Twenty-five years ago, I was … still an egg just hanging out in my Moms ovaries.


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Jul. 27th, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
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