5 Songs I can't Stop Listening To

Because you know you aren't going to listen to 10 songs. In no particular order...

Janelle Monae Ft. Erykah Badu - Q.U.E.E.N.
I love this song because it's groovy and fun to dance to. The lyrics are powerful and the video was well done. It focuses on the contrast of black and white and has a lot of good dancing. Janelle reminds me of a female prince, and in fact he was featured on one of her new tracks. Her entire album is as good as her single releases.

LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum
"now we can't have parties like in Spain where they go all night, shut down in North America, or like Berlin where they go another night, alright, un huh un huh. You see I love this place that i have grown to know, alright, North America, and yeah I know you wouldn't touch us with a ten foot pole' cause we're north americans".

Tipper - Minimal Thoughts of Reason
This song is pretty ambient like most of Tipper's work, it takes the first minute or so to coalesce and then the song sweeps you away. It reminds me of something that you are so wrapped up in you forget all reason and logic. The name suits the sound. One of my favorite tracks, I'm so glad he survived his heart surgery.

Wax - Limousine
I almost never feel this good about life, but this song always makes me feel better.

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
If you're familiar with Gorillaz at all you've probably heard this song.

A History of Everything Including You

I heard this a while back on Radio Lab and i heard it again today, it always make me cry. I wanted to share.

A History of Everything, Including You
by Jenny Hollowell
First there was god, or gods, or nothing. Then synthesis, space, the expansion, explosions, implosions, particles, objects, combustion, and fusion. Out of the chaos came order, stars were born and shown and died. Planets rolled across their gallaxis on invisible ellipses and the elements combined and became. Life evolved or was created. Cells trembled, and divided, and gasped and found dry land. Soon they grew legs, and fins, and hands, and antenna, and mouths, and ears, and wings, and eyes. Eyes that opened wide to take all of it in, the creeping, growing, soaring, swimming, crawling, stampeding universe.

Eyes opened and closed and opened again, we called it blinking. Above us shown a star that we called the sun. And we called the ground the earth. So we named everything including ourselves. We were man and woman and when we got lonely we figured out a way to make more of us. We called it sex, and most people enjoyed it. We fell in love. We talked about god and banged stones together, made sparks and called them fire, we got warmer and the food got better.

We got married, we had some children, they cried, and crawled, and grew. One dissected flowers, sometimes eating the petals. Another liked to chase squirrels. We fought wars over money, and honor, and women. We starved ourselves, we hired prostitutes, we purified our water. We compromised, decorated, and became esoteric. One of us stopped breathing and turned blue. Then others. First we covered them with leaves and then we buried them in the ground. We remembered them. We forgot them. We aged.

Our buildings kept getting taller. We hired lawyers and formed councils and left paper trails, we negotiated, we admitted, we got sick, and searched for cures. We invented lipstick, vaccines, pilates, solar panels, interventions, table manners, firearms, window treatments, therapy, birth control, tailgating, status symbols, palimony, sportsmanship, focus groups, zoloft, sunscreen, landscaping, cessnas, fortune cookies, chemotherapy, convenience foods, and computers. We angered militants, and our mothers.

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Life is Like a Boat

I have been having terrible insomnia lately... I really don't know what to do with myself lately because when I do sleep I have fitful nightmares and wake up frequently but the rest of the time I just stay awake for hours, maybe I should try a different kind of ganja? The last 3 dreams I have had were about hiding bodies, breaking my current computer by accidentially smashing it into a brand new computer, and sneaking over the boarder. I am going to start rearranging my journal and my friend groups so that I can feel comfortable in my old LJ again. Some of you will be seeing more of me and some of you less, I hope that this can become a place where I express my joys, hopes, and victories as much as I express the other parts of my life. Because I don't know how to capture the ways my life has transformed with words I'm thinking about doing a couple of Day in My Life photo posts. I'm also thinking about making a switch to tumblr or blogger, anyone use those and wanna add me there?

Life is like a boat

In attempt to familiarize you, here is a picture from October of me and a few of my friends on an abandoned boat. I am the one with the big dorky scarf and my 2 closest girlfriends are next to me Pinche is on the left and AlNatural is on the right. Pinche is my wife, she and I live a couple cities away but that doesn't stop us from cooking for each other, lavishing attention, or thoughtful gifts upon one another. AlNatural is just as close to me as my Wife Pinche but shes not one to be tied down so we joke that shes our mistress. Al turned me on to hooping and I have known her a lot longer, recently I have been teaching her tarot and it has been very rewarding to have a student who can read for me. We take turns playing big sister and coaching each other through life; she is one of the most balanced and reciprocal friendships I've ever had. Throughout the past year we have all played an important role in each others lives, these girls are the ones who see my beauty when I am most ugly, the love in my heart when I hate myself and they are always there to celebrate my triumphs! We are the Scizz Krew! SCIZZOR ME TIMBERZ! Setting our own status quo as women! We have created a dynamic of loving appreciative confident goddess energy that multiplies itself when we are around each other. A lot of other women we know have really picked up on it and I feel like there is more of a sense of sisterhood in my friend group thanks to those two ladies. Being single hasn't been easy but to be honest my girlfriends nurture me way more than any boyfriend ever has. Who else could make me feel so lucky and loved? <3 <3 <3

A Meme to Remind you All That I'm Still Alive!

A quarter of an hour ago, I was … Really thirsty so I got up to pour some juice and then internet while I drank it.

An hour ago, I was … I'm ashamed to say I was taking a nap. I haven't had too much better to do.

Six hours ago, I was … Eating breakfast with my pal Alyssa and talking about life.

Twelve hours ago, I was … Dreaming next to Alyssa.

One day ago, I was … Rapping and singing over Matts beats.

One week ago, I was … Hanging out with people who had missed me while I was in Humboldt all weekend.

One month ago, I was dancing my stolen purse woes away at the Full Moon party in Santa Cruz bonding with homies and also reached a new skill/flow level of hooping.

Six months ago, I was going to school and struggling with a deep depression surrounding my Mom and living situation.

One year ago, Having the best summer of my life thus far and finally learning how to share myself with my peers. I was almost 20!

Two years ago, I was … Preparing to see my mom for the first time since she left me as a young teenager and getting ready to move into a big new house!

Three years ago, I was … Getting excited for college and playing housewife.

Four years ago, I was … Hopelessly in love with a chronic cheater and lonely as fuck on the East Coast.

Five years ago, I was … Trying to make the best of life on the East Coast. I had just visited my family for the first time since moving there.

Seven years ago, I was … living with my Mom and her violent/abusive husband. I thought I might not live to finish highschool... then I met Anthony.

Ten years ago, I was … Moving in with my Mom and her Husband for the first time in a dinky town the size of a gas station where they would beat me up and pick on me for being different for the next couple of years.

Fifteen years ago, I was … So happy and completely oblivious to all the fucked uppedness around me. This is the most positive part of my childhood I can remember.

Twenty years ago, I was …. Just a few weeks old living in the Mountains with my Mother and Father. It was the simple life :D

Twenty-five years ago, I was … still an egg just hanging out in my Moms ovaries.
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A Recipe

When you find
your life
is robed in layers
of lies

undress it slowly
under the sun

let the wind
carry away
all of its harnesses
and all its ornaments

let the rain flood it and flush it
until all thats left
is a concentration of light

a smooth knot of intent

and draw--paint--sculpt
a landscape
inside of you

one with no fog
no hazes
no questions

one that is
open and obvious
like a city made of glass
like a scraggy peak
against an orange sky

harden your consciousness
like an iron bar
and break the arid earth

sharpen yourself
like a knife
and plunge into the sky.

--Cordelia Brown (RIP)
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Morning Mist

I work in a building where all of our bathrooms are equipped with autoflush sensors. Everytime I go to wipe it autoflushes and sprays. I have since learned to dodge the spray but it has really tainted my work bathroom experience.