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A Victory for America

I've been SO busy on my trip. As I was leaving Disneyland I heard the news, I responded by screaming jumping and skipping all the way to my hotel. I told every person I passed because I was so excited! Some Republicans may say that I'm not patriotic because I believe in making sure every American has a shot at success, free speech, and in giving the people the power. They can say whatever they want, but I LOVE my country. America deserves someone who will fight for the underdog, someone who can give America the foundation for success. It's time to take our control back from people are drunk on power. To those who voted for McCain, consider it a consolation prize that you're lucky enough to have a president that gives a shit about how you feel; if only the Democrats in 2004 had been so lucky. My heart goes out to all of the gay families who are suffering a disheartening setback.

-- Peace


A Change of Roles

I'm sitting on my ass reading LJ while taboo_elf makes me Sinigang. It's nice to have someone else do the cooking for me. What are you eating for dinner tonight?

Also I signed up to beta test Hello Kitty Online but I still can't sign in even after going through all of the account activation stuff. I'm so sad I wanted to say Hello to Kitty!


So Here I am at 5am

Can't sleep because I keep coughing and hacking phlegm up out of my lungs. I can't stop wheezing and it's getting to the point that my dreams are about trying to defeat the demon that is possessing my lungs and making it difficult to breath. Course the only solution in my dream was to breath and cough. I'm so tired T_T Maybe I'll get up and make some tea, I've never been sick like this before I don't even know what to take for this. Maybe I should go to the doctor. I definitely don't feel like birthday raving in this condition. On the upside being sick has given me an excuse to lay in bed and study.

We picked a house and put a deposit down this week. It's an awesome place with a jet tub, marble floors in the kitchen, and a huge yard, we get the keys on Sunday! It will be nice to get most of the moving taken care of before I'm out of town. Anyway... that's all for now folks.


Any Takers?

So who wants to gay marry me while I'm in SF next week?

My Secret Adobo

MMMMmmm I love me some tofu Adobo. I know how to make it just right so that the tofu isn't soggy and the sauce is delicious, but it's a secret so you can't know how I do it.

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This week I received a bag with a card telling me about the Post Office food drive so I took a minute to ransack my pantry and get rid of some extra things. I can always restock when I got to the grocery and it's nice to give back :) What's in store for the hungry people of Seattle?

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For All You Cat People

This is my kitty, I love his personality. He's a Leo just like me! RAWR!

DAWWWW ISN'T HE CUUUUTE? :D We even made Myspace for him. He's a typical Leo attention whore :p

Zion I in Seattle?

The Bay is one of my favorite songs by him, not because it's an especially good beat, but because of the lyrics. I've always been semi nomadic but I spent a lot of my really young years living in The Bay, primarily East Oakland (Fruitvale and other neighborhoods) and in the Mission or the Haight of San Francisco. San Francisco will always feel like home to me. I love running into people my Dad knows everywhere we go, I love the feeling I get when I'm there. I love all the good Filipino food too :D My life and my personality is all deeply rooted there even though I don't live there anymore and I haven't for a long time, it's one of those few places that has played a constant roll in my life. In fact, my great grandparents even owned a Bakery there that was torn down. It's a post office now, but I went there last time I was in town and it still felt very nostalgic.

Anyway, I was checking the Chop Suey show calendar because I've been wanting to go to a show with taboo_elf He really likes Zion I too, but the show is on a Thursday so he probably can't go. Anyone on my friends list who wants to go should drop me a line. The Cover charge is 15$ and it's on the 20th He plays in The Bay a lot but I always seem to barely miss him when I'm in town.

PS I had to use this icon because it's a picture of me trick or treating in the Haight when I was like 3 or 4. Cute huh?

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